What's on your pallette?

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What's on your pallette?
The colours I choose are cadmium yellow pale, cadmium orange, bright red, French ultramarine and phalo blue, the orange is a convenience colour and I use it a lot to mix low intensity greens when mixed with ultramarine, I also mix grays with it by adding a touch of it to ultramarine. I use phalo blue to mix my clean high intensity green when I mix it with cad yellow pale. Bright red is a pyrrole red and I find it can easily be cooled down by adding a touch of blue and warmed up by adding a touch of orange or yellow. The same go's for the cadmium yellow pale it can be warmed with a touch of orange and cooled with a touch of white or blue.
I like using a limited number of colours, I find it helpful when mixing has there's not loads of colours to choose from, it helps to harmonise the painting because most of the colours get intermixed with each other. It's also convenient to travel has its a light load. I'm always looking for ways to simplify my process and find this pallette sufficient for my needs